Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dream Vacations

Wednesday morning, early spring, where are you thinking of heading on a dream vacation?
Paris? California Vineyards? Tropical Island? A small town in Europe you can explore for a weekend? Miami for a dance party?
When I like to fantasize about vacations I like to go to Mr. and Mrs Smith, no not the Brangelina movie, though I really like that too, but the luxury hotel website. You can just search properties and drool over them and their amazing views. None of them are cheap, but not for no reason. They offer properties all over the place, so you aren't limited by continent.
What I really like is that they have homes and apartments you can stay in as well. If I'm traveling with my family an apartment is the way I like to go, then you can have breakfast there, and if there is an amazing view you don't feel like you're missing part of your vacation by staying in for an evening drink.
In my dreams I'd love to go to one of the hotels converted from an old castle in Europe, or right on the beach on a tropical island. The pictures are so wonderful on this site that you can almost feel the sunshine, and opulence.
Paris, anyone?
I could spend a week here, Napa Valley California.

I really recommend browsing the Mr &Mrs Smith website, for your next vacation plans, or just your next day dream.
Under the section, "Right Near the Beach", this hotel in Spain.

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