Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet the Parents, NC style

The TallMan is from North Carolina. Thursday I'm going to North Carolina to meet his parents. Thursday is also his mom's birthday.
I liked Meet the Parents in high school when it came out. Now it is providing a platform for worries. Will I be asked to milk a cat? Will I set something on fire? Will I wear the most awkward bathing suit known to man and give someone a bloody nose? That movie has given me much cause for concern.

Foutas, from Basic French
I have prepared for this trip by working out a little more frequently, since we're going to his parents' beach house, and also because his mom is super fit and I don't want to be fatter than a 50 year old woman. I have bought an awesome hostess gift, a tablecloth/shawl/towel thing (I need to either learn to pronounce the name "foutas" or call it something better), and a jar full of my cheese stars. Since its a beach house I figure the fouta is appropriate with out being clutter, and the cheese stars are adorable and tasty!

I got the fouta from Basic French, and it is gorgeous. I also ordered one for myself. I'm a little paranoid about getting things on time when I order them online, so I asked that they deliver it by a certain day so I'd have it in time. I even mentioned that it was for my future future mother in law so it was extra important that it arrive on time. They sent an adorable note with my order congratulating me on getting to the meet the parents step, and wishing me luck on meeting them. How can you not love a company with that kind of personal touch?!

Now I'm just a little stuck on what to get TallMan's mom for her birthday. Anything? Something? It has to be something I can carry onto a plane, which has the TallMan succinctly put means no exploding wine guns. Knowledge suggested some chocolate penguins from Burdicks, but TallMan took that idea, and is going to get his mom that for her birthday. (Yeah, did I mention that I'm in charge of finding presents for my future future mother in law from me, AND from her own son? Men.) So now I need something else too. Maple syrup was a consideration, except it probably violates that 3oz rule TSA has. Stupid TSA.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It has to be something I can easily bring on a plane, and can pick up in the next two days.

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