Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My somewhat odd belt saga

Remember when I decided to move out of my apartment, and packed up all my belongings in a week and moved in to my parents house? Of course you remember it wasn't even two weeks ago!

Well since I moved I hadn't been able to find any of my belts. At first I decided it was because of the disorganization that comes with a move. Then I really needed a belt so I looked through all the stuff in my bedroom. No belts. So I figured they must have been hastily thrown in a random box, and I looked through all the stuff in the basement. No belts.
I tried to think back to packing them, and I remembered that my room was emptyish but there was still clothes in the closet, thus making it Friday or Saturday of the moving process. Well, I thought, maybe they went to the TallMan's house, either accidentally or I decided they'd be better off living with him. So the next time I went over to his house I looked. No belts.
Well the process of moving all my stuff into my old bedroom at my parents house required some getting rid of old clothes I no longer wear, and I donated four bags to Goodwill. After not finding my belts at my parents house or at the TallMan's I wondered if perhaps I had hastily put them in one of the donation bags.

So I went to Goodwill and checked out their belt section. I figured that if they were there I'd just buy them back, after all its giving to a good cause and it would be a fraction of the cost of going out and buying all new belts. But I didn't see any of my belts there. I did see another item or two of mine at the Goodwill store, so I figured either the belts weren't there or they'd all been snatched up.

Having only the belt that I'd been wearing during the moving process, and getting fairly tired of it, I decided to use a TJMax gift card and buy a new belt to wear with dresses (accentuating the waist is important you know!). I figured this wouldn't cost real money, just gift card money, so if the belts turned up I wouldn't feel so bad.

Three days later, I'm at my parents house, and I want a sweatshirt. I keep all my sweatshirts in a bin in my closet. I pull out a sweatshirt and pouring down on top of it are all my belts! YAY! BELTS!
This might seem anti-climactic to the casual reader, but let me point out that not only did I put the bin in my closet after moving, I folded the sweatshirts, and as the belts rained upon my head I remembered thinking as I put the belts in there "gee, my closet is awfully full, putting the belts in here will make them more easily accessible". Ahh foolish last words.

That was my belt saga, I felt particularly odd about it when I was at goodwill looking for things I'd donated not a week prior. Sigh. Moral is that moving is intense and sometimes your brain needs a couple weeks to catch up!

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