Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Job Search: application conundrum

I have an application conundrum. Right now I could be working as a part time or full time law clerk, paralegal, or something else non-lawyer but legal experience. But in a few short months, May 25th to be precise, studying for the bar will become a full time job. Studying for the bar is not something I can slack on either. I'm not the worlds greatest multiple choice test taker (I've met people who are and I punch them), so I really need to not only know all the law, but I need to do a lot of practice test questions. So from late May to late July when I take the bar I will be devoting 8+ hours a day to studying. It will be le suck, but passing the bar is necessary, and afterward I sure it'll be worth it because someone will hire me. Right?

This presents me with a dilemma. Should I be applying for jobs right now that I'll only be able to do for the next couple of months, until I graduate? OR Should I be applying to jobs for after I take the bar? And do people hire you after you take the bar but before you've passed?

I think my focus has now shifted to applying to lawyer jobs for after I take the bar. Of course, one of the lawyers I had an informational interview with suggested that a paralegal position is a possibility for the first year out of law school to gain some experience in a firm.

Here is to the future, the next six months and hopefully finding a job!

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