Monday, February 28, 2011

Sleepy Kitty of the Week

So its nice to have weekly features right? Right.

I've decided that in addition to the barnyard animal weekly feature (Fridays at 11pm). You, my dear blog readers, will also be treated to a cat picture a week. (This has a double purpose, you only see one picture of my adorable cats per week, and I get to share my adorable cat pictures with people, importantly people who I can't see the look of judgment when I ask "want to see a cute picture of my cats?" because invariably the answer is no, and I show them anyway and look like am a crazy cat lady).

So Monday mornings at 6am you will be treated to a cat. Its a good way to start the week.

This is Sage. She climbed into folded blankets, turned around and snuggled in. I managed to snap a picture before she ran away to investigate a sound downstairs.

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