Monday, February 28, 2011

I had a moving weekend..

Moving, as in I moved, not as in I wept with emotion.

Lets do this this way:

Thursday: One trip to Suburbia with stuff when I let my mom into the house.

Friday: Two trips with stuff, picked up mom on the first trip, she helped me wrap up glassware, and pack the car. Friday night TallMan and I went out to a bar near where we live/d and had a really nice dinner.

Saturday: Two trips with stuff, one demi trip to the TallMan's house to bring his things, some food, my booze, and a couple overnightish things for me. Second trip included the cats. Saturday also included the TallMan's first trip to my parents house where he helped move things around, we ate a delicious dinner and TallMan made a cake. We didn't get home until after 11, and since I'd been up since 6am, and had driven and moved all day I was exhausted. The high point of the day was WaitWaitDon'tTellMe. Love that program. Also high point was mom getting kinda drunk and bonding with TallMan. Another high point was dad being so bored on his business trip he talked to TallMan for 10 minutes on the phone. I guess it was a pretty good day, despite being exhausting.

Sunday Morning: Packed odds and ends in bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Disassembled bed, dresser, kitchen table, couches. Ate breakfast, got rental truck, waited for a friend to help pack the rental truck.
Sunday Afternoon: Friend came and helped load the van, he is 6'6", TallMan is 6'5". Between the two of them the van was packed in half an hour. Drove to Suburbia, half an hour. (Three people in a van. Friend drove, I sat in the middle of the two seats on my laundry basket with TallMan's arm across me. It might not have been safe or legal.) Friend and TallMan unpacked the van in half an hour and then we scooted off to the city to return the van.
Sunday Evening: TallMan and I got a late lunch (3pm is evening and lunch time, in this story at least), which was ridiculously relaxing, because despite not really lifting anything after noon on Saturday my back was aching. Then he put some more stuff in the car and I drove it back to Suburbia. Where I had wine for dinner and panicked about not having a bed, before settling in in front of the Oscars.

Funny stories from this weekend include:
*TallMan and I are at uHaul and he is asking about the size of the van I rented, pointing at pictures, is it this one, this one this one? I say, no its pedophile sized. And the cashier says, no its not a pedophile van, its got windows. So TallMan, sharp as a whip, asks well, does it come with candy at least? No candy either says the cashier.  Clearly, TallMan and I are odd because we described size in such a creepy way, but is the cashier any better for joining in?

*Ganache Fiasco. Thats all I'll say on the subject for now, expect a blog post devoted entirely to that.

*TallMan almost got into a bar fight. More on that in another post.

*It snowed Sunday morning, and I got the van stuck in a snow, but mostly ice, drift and the guy my apartment building pays to shovel the walk had to power slide the van out of the drift, then clear us a space to park the van next to the building. He was a really nice guy, I was a bit of a snow on tiny street spaz, and TallMan was very helpful in helping direct me on where to do so I didn't hit a car, person or building.

*My roommate came home from a trip Saturday evening and went out drinking, I guess. Because Sunday morning I came down stairs and there was a trail of lettuce from the front door to the living room where the TV was on WBZ morning weather, and there was a half eaten falafel on the floor next to my sleeping roommate. It was fairly amusing. It became even more amusing when later I was packing and found his keys at the bottom of an empty cereal box.

Pictures from this weekend:
This is where I slept last night, one of the couches from my apartment, just stuck in the front hall of my parents house because TallMan and friend were short for time in moving stuff into the house. So stuff got in, but not much further. I had an excellent night sleep, except at 6:30am Parsley threw up and I had to clean it.

From this picture you can see how messy my room currently is. Or maybe you can't. But it is. I promise it is a disaster! But never you fear, Sage found a cozy spot to rest and take a nap. I have some more pictures from today of her being adorable, but hold your horses.

So that was moving weekend. Now it is the week, Dad comes home today, I need to figure out if I have an informational interview tomorrow, and go to class, and hopefully find the pegs/screws for my bed.

This has been a very long blog post, but it could've been longer. MUCH longer. It was an excruciatingly long weekend, I'm very grateful to the TallMan for all his help. And to my friend who helped on Sunday, he gets a cake for his efforts. Also, to my mom who was reasonably pleasant and cleaned the house so I wasn't embarrassed in front of the TallMan. I'd like to thank God that we got it all done, but no thanks to the big guy upstairs because it rained or snowed most days, and I can't find my bed screws. God, you are on notice: when I find the pieces to my bed you will get thanked.

Off to shower, and frost a cake!

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