Monday, February 28, 2011

I love cheese plates

Growing up, every so often my parents would not cook dinner and would instead get cheese and bread and grapes and chocolate and we'd eat a picnic on the living room floor.  I have very fond memories of this, possibly because it was a break from tradition, possibly because part of dinner was chocolate.

Recently I've had a couple picnics, the TallMan and I had one recently while doing laundry and watching some crappy vampire movie. Saturday the TallMan, mom and I had a picnic at the kitchen table at my parents house. The plan was pizza, but it wasn't going to be enough, so we grabbed goat cheese, ham, blueberries, and melon and put it all on a little platter and had some wine. It was just lovely. (Especially after moving all sorts of stuff all day, it was nice to relax).

On Friday the TallMan and I went to a bar near where we live(d) that we love (a little hipsterish, makes GREAT cocktails (I like to order drinks by listing several ingredients and asking them to make something with those in it, I judge a bar based on how well they do, I am annoying but I like this system of judging bars), always has an awesome beer list, and the food can be funky but they're usually spins on classically delicious stuff).  It was packed, and we could only get one seat at the bar, and we prefer to sit at the bar for dinner, its cozier, and more fun, so the TallMan scoped out another place to open up. (He is good at this because he is tall, he is better at this when he is hungry because there is incentive). He was hungry on Friday, and started hovering around a place as a couple paid the check. He checked with the hostess that it was part of the bar and that we didn't need a reservation. As the couple are getting up to leave and he is beckoning me over with our drinks, a new couple come in to the bar. They put their name in with the hostess and start moving towards the same table. The TallMan says "oh we've been waiting on this" and the guy of the new couple, still have their coats on, no drinks yet, are 5 feet from the door says "are you on the list? what makes you think you deserve this table more than us?" The TallMan was very taken aback, but is quick on his feet and said "yes, we've been waiting longer".

Point is, we got the table.

And I got this cheese plate:

Please notice the bite I made in the left of the plate. It is goat cheese and a kumquat jam. It was DELICIOUS! It was also delicious with the extra super sharp cheddar up at the top of the picture.

I took this picture at the bar. The TallMan judged me, and I told him Knowledge would appreciate it even if no one else would. So here you go Knowledge. :)

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