Sunday, February 27, 2011

6 couches, and no bed!

So I'm mostly moved into my parents house. It was a long weekend, and my back HURTS. Despite the fact that I barely carried anything. (THANK YOU TALLMAN!)

Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced something in the shuffle.
The screws/pegs that put my bed together.
I know they are in a plastic bag. And I'm 90% certain I didn't throw it away. I'm 80% certain I put it in a dresser drawer. But I didn't bring all the dresser drawers from the City. Like I said, oops.

So tonight I'll be sleeping on a couch. This is not a problem since there are currently 4 couches, 1 love seat and a futon here. Mom offered her bed, but I told her that would be too weird. Clearly I have plenty of options, just none of them are my bed.

Here is hoping I sleep tonight, and find my screws.

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