Thursday, November 1, 2012

November? Already?

Happy November!
From Pinterest

But when did this happen? It feels like yesterday it was my birthday. November is going to be a fun month though, with the election, and I'm going to a variety of alumnae and networking events after work, my parents are going to Vegas for Dad's birthday, then the week of Thanksgiving I'm road tripping to DC, NC and DE for a brewery tour for Tallman's birthday. (Its my first Thanksgiving away from home!)
Fall in Virginia

But seriously. Where is time going? I am 26. Wasn't I JUST turning 21? What have I done in the past 5 years? (Attended and graduated from law school, met Tallman, traveled, many trips to ikea, etc etc.)

Sigh. Hope the start of your month is lovely and not at all filled with questions about the passage of time.

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