Monday, October 15, 2012

Post Updates

Well, clearly I took a week off from blogging. Usually I do all my posts over the weekend and schedule them, but last weekend I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I lounged, and took naps with my cat, and spray painted a candelabra. Sorry folks, but I think it was time well spent.

But also during that time I bought myself the Phoenix Roze H necklace I'd been longing for for so long, and it came. (I was all ready to wait a month for them to custom make it for me, which is apparently how they do, but it only took a week! Clearly they had some in stock.)
Phoenix Roze

It is cute and everything I wanted.

Also, I went to Ann Taylor and did NOT buy that green tweed suit, it was hideous! It looked like a muppet that had be dragged under a bus for 50 miles of rough high way. Seriously, its cute in the pictures but in person it is ugly!
I did also celebrate my birthday last week, and get a number of fairly awesome presents... tomorrows post will provide details of their wonders, and what I'll be doing now I have them :)

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