Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Presents!!!

My parents gave me a set of knives for my birthday, my old knives were some set they'd gotten years and years ago for free and when I moved out they let me take them. Tallman didn't come with knives (though he did come with a waffle iron, blender, rabbit corkscrew, and other fun kitchen implements).

I love my new knives! My old ones were so dull that when the knife slipped this summer while I was cutting a cantaloupe and went with some force into my hand-- it didn't break the skin. It obviously would have been terrible if it had broken the skin, but the fact that it didn't doesn't speak very highly for the knives.
These knives though, ohhhh they are wonderful. Chopping veggies is like slipping a warm knife through butter. Of course, we haven't quite learned to be careful yet, both Tallman and I are sporting some cuts where the knife has slipped (usually while cleaning) and nicked us.

In addition to nicking ourselves, we've been putting considerably more wear and tear on the cutting boards. So I'm thinking we might need to get new ones soon. A plastic one, and a big butcher block one.
This is what I'm thinking for plastic:
Antibacterial Cutting Board!
And Etsy has a lot of cute butcher blocks:
Maple Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board-- FDA safe!
Maple and Walnut Cutting Board
I want a very large butcher's block cutting board and that is actually kinda tricky to find, so it'll take some hunting. Also, I want to make sure its safe to cut and prepare veggies on.
But thats the story of a birthday present that is awesome that is turning into a hunt for new cutting boards.

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