Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cute New Work Dresses

On Friday I had one of those gloriously productive MallTrips: I returned a dress, bought a bridal shower gift, bought myself some spatulas (which I promptly wrote "sweet" on), some new cafe au lait bowls (which don't actually match any of my other bowls, oops), a bee cookie cutter, and two new work dresses.

Ralph Lauren Polka Dot Empire Jersey Dress
Do I need new work dresses? Maybe Not. But I have a philosophy about shopping which goes something like "if you like it, buy it, because if you go back to look for that thing again, chances are it won't be there". Knowledge and I have seen this happen many times. You go out shopping, try something on, but don't want to spend the money, or you hadn't planned on making that purchase, so you say "well I'll get it later". Then later happens and you can't find it anywhere and you are sad, frustrated, and full of regrets.

I was trying on dresses to wear to a wedding this fall, and ended up buying two new work dresses because when I put them on I just knew. They fit great, made me feel great, and were awesome.
Sure they were also expensive, and not something I could wear to a wedding. But I go to work a heck of a lot more than I go to weddings.

One is polka dot and one is blue and they have this great ruching that gathers at the waist that is the most flattering.
Do you think I can pair this with a blazer? Or just cardigans? Obviously I would not wear gold strappy sandals like the model is wearing to work :)

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