Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend in NC

This evening we're flying to North Carolina. Saturday we're attending a wedding at Duke. Hopefully it won't rain.
I have prepared some delicious short bread for Tallman's parents as a hostess gift (I like giving people food, because then they feel less awkward about hating your gift and tossing it).

I have decided what to wear to the wedding, and packed clothes.
Jcrew where else?
I have gotten a mani pedi to match the dress that I decided weeks ago not to wear but forgot to think of a different nail color :p
From Pinterest
And I packed a swim suit, because I hear tell there will be swimming, at a pool.. with a water slide.
From pinterest
Ok, maybe not that waterslide hehehe.... Wish me luck this weekend! I'm probably not going to blog this weekend, so I'm planning something special for you next week.. get excited.

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