Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tallman Summerwear...

I hate cargo shorts. I think they look childish, and add weight, and are stupid. And that is how I feel about them on men. Why a woman would wear cargo shorts is beyond me.

Unfortunately, Tallman only has one pair of shorts that are not covered in this childish, bulky, unattractive pockets. Bleck.

Well, maybe I should say HAD. Because I ordered 3 pairs of shorts from Jcrew over the weekend to help him look better (aren't I kind?) and to avoid fights (these fights start with me saying "oh my god you cannot wear that!" maybe I'm not so kind). Luckily the shorts were on sale, plus a coupon code for 30% off!
Jcrew Shorts
Jcrew Shorts
Jcrew Shorts
Which allowed for enough savings, so I ordered them with overnight shipping to avoid fights and enhance short glamor faster :p

How do you feel about cargo shorts? Equally repulsed?

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