Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What did I wear New Years Eve?

I hear you guys are wondering what I ended up wearing for New Years Eve...
Glitter Platforms from Payless
These shoes were shockingly comfortable, and I could walk in them... not far... and not on brick sidewalks... but still! Progress!
Jcrew Darlene Silk Satin Dress

And the little black dress was on sale and simple so I'll be able to wear it again!

My evening was good, Tallman and I went out to dinner and the food was delicious and the time was romantic (except when the manager came over and asked why I wasn't eating my food as quickly as Tallman, and was everything ok... what am I supposed to say to that! My options are: the food sucks, my boyfriend is a pig, or I am watching my weight... it was so awkward, I can't even tell you.)
Then we went to a friends house for a party, which was a good party and rung in the New Year with old friends and champagne.

How did you spend NYE... and what did you wear?

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