Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Movin Out... eventually

Tallman and I have decided to move in together and start looking for an apartment. Boston has a very limited selection that slightly increases if you're looking for June or September move in dates (because its such a college town).
Its really exciting, because lately I've been chomping at the bit to have my own space, with my own things, and my own food in the cabinets. (Oh god my own food in the cabinets, that will be the biggest joy in the world!)
But right now we're just in wait and look and save mode, which is satiating my need for my own space... because now I have steps I can take to be proactive and accomplish the goal (dual goals really: move in with Tallman, move out of parents house).
Those steps are: SAVE SAVE SAVE and LOOK LOOK LOOK.
Wish me luck!

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