Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review: Season to Taste

I got Season to Taste from my friend Al for Christmas... She says she saw it in a bookstore and thought I'd like it. MAN WAS SHE RIGHT! It was a really good book!
The premise was a young woman who decides she wants to be a chef. To prepare, she works at a restaurant (in Cambridge that is REALLY GOOD) where she learns the importance of smell and identifying spices by flavor... At one point she says her boss even smells his knives to determine sharpness. But then she gets into a horrible car accident and she loses her sense of smell!

This is a huge problem for her... Not only does it destroy her dreams of becoming a chef, but more importantly she can't enjoy a cup of tea, a meal, the smell of her father's study. Her descriptions of eating with out tasting are incredible! You'll never take your sense of smell for granted again.... (Until next summer trash day) :p

The book is mostly about her quest to learn more about smell as she deals with her injuries and figures out what she is going to do with her life now that she cannot smell. Its a really good story. I cant recommend it enough! Even if you're into smell it's a really interesting read. And the imagery is great. Thanks Al for the great book!

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