Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Shopping Fun Times

Well, as I said I would on Friday, I went shopping at Jcrew this weekend and bought SO MUCH!
I bought cardigans in blue, green, purple, and camel.
Jcrew Jackie Cardigan
I bought scoop neck t shirts in gray, "wave crest, red, and grape.
Jcrew Perfect Fit Scoop Neck Tee
I bought tissue turtlenecks in black, gray, and stripes... because layering is important (especially when you live in houses where you are not in control of the thermostat.
JCrew Tissue Tee
THEN, my personal shopper was amazing and found for me, then had shipped to me things that were sold out almost everywhere and I either wouldn't have been able to get, or would've had to wait until January. AWESOME!
Jcrew No. 2 pencil Skirt
 I got this in black and in a color that my personal shopper recommended and is slightly bluer than this one, and not heathered. I trust him that it will be gorgeous.
And finally, last but not least, instead of waiting until January to get the black Winnie Dress, I'll be getting it in the mail this week!

Cannot recommend the personal shoppers at Jcrew enough. Obviously they want to sell, but they know clothes, they know Jcrew clothes and they will help you find what looks best on you. And clearly I got some help in the color department!

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