Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Review: The Winter Sea

Last week I read The Winter Sea, by Susana Kearsley. It was totally awesome and I cannot recommend it more. Its a fiction book that takes place now and jumps back and forth to the story the author is writing. I won't ruin the awesome twist for you but lets just say that if you're a scientists you won't like this book because you know how DNA works.

But if you're capable of suspending disbelief a little (which I hope you are) you will probably enjoy this book. Its got love, war, espionage, romance (love and romance are different yes?), twist endings, loveable characters. The best thing I liked about this book was how long it was. It just kept going, which was great because I enjoyed it so much I wanted the story to keep going.

And oh man did I enjoy the ending, I could tell it was coming a bit, but also hoping it was coming. If that makes any sense. I will definitely be reading more of Susanna Kearsley's work in the future!

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