Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brooks Brother's Non-Iron Dress Shirt

I just need to share this, if you're looking for a solid, interview worthy, basic dress shirt look no further. Brooks Brother's women's Non-Iron Dress Shirts in Tailored (or fitted, it differs online versus in store I think) are amazing.
Non-Iron Tailored Fit Dress Shirt
White is my go to interview shirt. It looks so crisp and professional that it makes me feel crisp and professional.
I love the way it fits too, it isn't baggy and its long enough to tuck into my skirts of my suits.

I recently washed my white shirt and when it came out it honest to god looked like it had been freshly pressed. No wrinkles, and the iron lines were still there a bit. Absolutely amazing.

Sorry for those of you who are in professions that don't need boring white shirts, but for those who are and do, go to Brooks Brothers and try this one out. Sure its expensive, but you'll look so good in it it won't matter a bit.

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