Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Job Search Update

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Sigh, the weather and my lack of employment are highlighting for me that this is the first fall in 21 years that I am not going to school. No new pencils, notebooks, bags, no reason for new clothes, new shoes, no excitement over new classes, old friends, and starting fresh. It makes me a little sad.

But it also makes me invigorated, I don't want to be in school, I want a job. I want to put all that same excitement for new-ness and starting fresh into my career. So far I'm holding out for a legal job, and doing the volunteer work in Probate court. But it can be frustrating, sending out resume's and cover letters and never hearing back.

Two weeks ago I applied to a dream job, a paralegal position in a top firm doing trust and estate work. The sort of job that would give me the experience I need to get an attorney job in that field in a few years. I haven't heard back yet, but I'm hoping to soon.

In addition to all the individual jobs I've applied to I've also sent my resume to a few placement agencies, which I also have yet to hear from. The plan for this week is to get back to volunteering (I took a couple days off to go to North Carolina), apply to more jobs, and call the placement agencies to see what is up with them (how their process generally works, etc).

Wish me luck!

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