Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chandeliers Galore!

Sorry for no morning post, I was involved with kitty drama with Sage. She had surgery yesterday to remove a bladder stone and now she is just the most pathetic. Also, that's why there haven't been many/any pictures of her lately- she has been confined to the bathroom and isn't very cute, just sad.

Enough about sad cat, lets look at some chandeliers. I love chandeliers. If my ceilings were tall enough, I was rich enough, and I ya know had my own place, every room would have a chandelier. (I recently saw a house in Southern Living/Coastal Living? and all the light fixtures were iron, it made the house feel very unified, I wonder if chandeliers in every room would be similar).

I'm pretty enamored with these light wood chandeliers, I can see them working in:
Horchow Flander's Chandelier
For a romantic bedroom, or perhaps to girl up a darker more dramatic library.
Horchow Manning Chandelier
I like the simplistic drama (oxymoron maybe?) of this one. The clean lines are bold and I can see this hung in a kitchen over a breakfast nook or an island.
Ballard Mariestad 12 Lt
I like this one for an entry hallway, a family room with a very tall ceiling.

A trip to Venice when I was studying abroad in college made me a huge fan of Murano glass, and their light fixtures in particular (I can probably blame my entire love of chandeliers on a hotel we stayed in in Florence, every light fixture was Murano glass, it was opulently delicious, and it was a Comfort Inn.) Glass obviously works better than wood in bathrooms, and how amazing would it be to have one of these in your bathroom:
Murano Glass Chandelier
Sigh, the days of chandeliers in every room are far away still... but it is so fun to dream.

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