Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buzz Buzz

We all know I have a thing for bees. Not in the same way I like goats, but pretty close. Not only are actual bees great for all the pollinating and honey business, but they are awesome on things. (Who could forget my bee lace dream?) I've had a book about bees in my Amazon queue for a while now, that I really want to read, its called The Beekeeper's Bible.
I think that a dream of keeping bees is a lot more reasonable than my dream of goats. (Bees and chickens, not too much to ask.)
I guess this book is part how-to, part history, part cookbook. That sounds like I'd enjoy it! But I'm in get-books-from-the-library mode, and not in buy-books-for-the-hell-of-it mode, because I'm poor so right now I'm just lusting over it. Normal.

While I lust over a desire to have bees and be all self sufficienty (I read Vegetable, Animal, Miracle this weekend and got totally jealous/inspired), I figured I'd look at bee decor, cuz why not?
Call me crazy, but I don't think you can have enough bee throw pillows:
Ballard Bee Pillow
And bees always look good in the kitchen:
Horchow Bumble Bee Dinner Plates
Terrain Bee Bowl
Not on the High Street Busy Bumble Bee Napkins
And on random every day things:
Not on the High Street Honey Comb Card
Ballard Bee Tote
Ok, I think I've got bees out of my system for the day... buzzzzzzzz

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