Monday, August 8, 2011

Not-My-Wedding Shoe Decision

So I got the package from Endless last week, tried on all the shoes for my father (I'm poor, I live at home, remember?), wandered around the house, up and down stairs on wood and carpet in each pair. And luckily it wasn't hard to choose between the three pairs. Unfortunately I did chose the most expensive pair. $88, which is pretty cheap for me and shoes, but still.
These were the contenders, just to remind you:
Lava Women's Elegant Glitter Sandal
These ones were nearly identical to the ones I ended up choosing, but the knotted style of the front was slightly uncomfortable. And the toe bed didn't fit my feet as well as I wanted.
Touch Ups Women's Taryn Sandal
Dad and I agreed, there was something oddly old ladyish about these shoes. The glitter on them is very shiny, though doesn't get on everything like I was nervous about. Also, the heel is slightly higher and thinner than the other pairs, and I plan on wearing these for hours upon hours of dancing so the heels need to be stable.
David Tate Women's Hot Date Sandal
These were the winner! This picture doesn't really do them justice. They're cute, the heel is high enough to do the things we want heels to do (you know other than give height), but they are comfortable and nice.
So if you see me at a wedding in the next year, whether I'm wearing blue, red, gray, green or something new, look at my feet and I'll be wearing these shoes.

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