Monday, August 8, 2011

Job Search Update

Remember the post I did back in April (?) about how I was planning on budgeting my priorities, and I talked about 10% looking for a job, 10% studying for the bar and 80% studying for school. Well now that I've checked both graduating from law school and taking the bar off my list, I'm settling into the job search process. Fun.

The hardest part of this process is not knowing what I'm qualified for. I'm not an attorney yet. I don't have years of experience in once field area. This makes me under-qualified for 99% of the attorney positions available. But on the other hand, my law degree makes me overqualified for paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary, and other such jobs where I could gain experience.

I am determined to get paid for the work I do, and I am determined to do something legally related.
So I'm continuing my job search, trying to apply to something every day, trying to find something to advance my career, any leads?

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