Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Anthropologie Housewares Gushing

Oh dear this is becoming a regular feature of this blog. Me posting about things in the housewares department of Anthropologie that I really enjoy. Its such a moot point since I don't have a house, or space for housewares, or money...  but I do like to make a note of what I'm currently loving and share it with you.
Soda Lime Pitcher
This pitcher is adorable. I have a pitcher problem, I can see Tallman giving me a hard time about it already.
Sheer Petals Platter
I was looking for a birthday gift for my mom this past week and so I've been looking at a lot of platters. This is a little less refined than I normally go for but I can see watermelon slices or fresh baked cookies looking so charming on it, I want it.
Farmers Egg Crate
You all know that in my happiest of dreams I own chickens. And I'd need somewhere to put the eggs, wouldn't I? I would use this.
The rest of the things I ogled at the Anthropologie website were things I either already own and are in storage (latte bowls and mini late bowls) or were more expensive than I could reasonably justify (these plates).

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