Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jewelry Armoires

The first time I heard of a jewelry armoire I thought it was silly, who has so much jewelry that they need a separate piece of furniture to store it? Well, friends, I'm not there yet, but I do find organizing my jewelry inconvenient. There is a bag for long necklaces, pouches for dangling earrings, a place in a travel jewelry portfolio for rings, some stud earrings and small necklaces, and a pile on my dresser of bracelets. Its disorganized and all over the place and I wish I had a better system.

Then one day I was killing some time in a Pier One when I saw a few jewelry armoires. I fell in love. Oops.
World Market Oak Lakeview Armoire
I like that in a jewelry armoire your necklaces can hang, I feel like this might prevent tangling. I also like that most of them also have mirrors. Its like a storage case and a vanity in one!
Chase Armoire with Charging Station
I like this one better, even though its more expensive, it has a charging station (awesome) and has more space in it, more drawers, less empty space under it.
Blaine Wallmount Jewelry Armoire
This is a mirror with a jewelry case built into it. This is awesome too, but not as awesome as the full armoire, but maybe more practical if you have a small space. However, in the full armoire you could have a drawer full of scarves, or clutches, or such small items that wouldn't work in the mirror option.
Silver Mirrored Jewelry Armoire
Ok this one is a bit of a joke, sure its gorgeous and looks like it would hold a lot of your jewelry and accessory stuff but its also over $1000 more expensive than the other armoires. Wowza. Ouch. No thank you.
Hayworth Jewelry Armoire
Pier One has this cute mirrored design that is cheaper (only $350) but would you want to buy it being unable to open those doors and see what the storage situation is like inside?
Ashworth Jewelry Armoire
I saw this one when I was at Pier One and I really liked it. Its got cubbies you wouldn't have considered and the top opens up to reveal a mirror and tray area. Also, its cute. But $400 is a bit steep for a jewelry case.

After typing that last sentence I went to craigslist and saw that there are a fair amount of nice jewelry chests online for pretty cheap (under $100), of course they might all have bed bugs.
How do you store your jewelry? Do you think a jewelry armoire is ridiculous or awesome?

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