Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Formal Wear for an Imaginary Occasion

Last weekend I was hanging out with some of my favorite people from law school for an informal, post-bar, catch up and relax cookout. Other than dissecting the bar, the most common form of conversation was weddings. Unsurprising given the ages of the people, 28-24, and the fact that we're all attending multiple weddings in the next year.
My friends are slow to jump the broom, or jump on the wedding bandwagon, or get hitched, I'm only attending 3 weddings in the next year (so far, that I know of, it is subject to change any day now) whereas my friend Xandrakate is attending at least 5, I don't remember the exact number because I was so blown out of the water by the number HelloKitty is attending 12. In the next 16 months! That's a lot of weddings! And most of the weddings she attends are very formal, and since they're usually in the same group of people she has to buy a lot of formal dresses.

Now does the title make sense? I don't have any formal weddings in my future, yet, but a girl can browse online to see what her formal wear options are... right?

Tibi Cloister Beading Long Dress $886
Sure, that's more than I'll probably spend on my own wedding dress, but how gorgeous is it?
Tibi- Silk Chiffon Strapless Gown $825
I'd have to be pretty darn tan to get away with this dress. But how amazing is its soft folds, imagine walking or dancing in this.... sigh
Jcrew Arabelle Long Dress in Silk Chiffon $365
Jcrew's version is almost $500 cheaper and I think comes in a much more reasonable colors for skin tones. But who knows if it moves like the Tibi one, ohhh the movement, so gorgeous!

JS Collection Lace Sheath Dress $198
I'm not sure this is formal enough for a black tie event, but it sure is pretty. I love the lace and the way it gleams. Though if I wore this to an event where everyone else was in a long dress I might feel like Kaylee when she goes to that ball with the strawberries and Mal has to fight a duel. Also, I'm a nerd.
Amsale One Shoulder Chiffon Gown $290
And wear back to long chiffon dresses. Clearly I like them. I like this one shoulder dress because its simple, many one shoulder dresses have flowers or other do-dads on the shoulder and it looks too fussy for me. This one is formal, simple and gorgeous in the graphite color.
JS Boutique Sequin Trim Jersey Gown $188
This one I like the least. I like it conceptually but I'm not sure I like the execution. Jersey doesn't seem formal enough, and there is something about this dress that reminds me of prom. But I do like the delicate little sleeves. Very cute.

Where do you buy your formal dresses, even if you're only buying them in your imagination?

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