Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Review: Cooking for Mr. Latte

I just finished Cooking for Mr. Latte by Amanda Hesser. And while I enjoyed the book, I'd rather just get her cook book.
The authoress is a New York Times food writer and some of her chapters seem more suited to a news paper article than a cohesive book, which I suppose makes sense given her profession and the fact that some chapters started out as articles.
The story is loosely based upon her courtship with her now husband, in that it begins with her meeting him and ends with her marrying him. But for me the book seems more about the food, also it seems for her too because she and Mr. Latte have a lot of fights that are centered around her approach to food. I found the "love story" aspect of this book annoying, possibly because it got in the way of her talking about food, which she does wonderfully, and possibly because she isn't very good at relationships.
I wouldn't recommend this book. Except for the fact that every chapter ends with a series of recipes which I am about to go copy down so I can try them out. And she is a good writer. She just should write about what she knows and understands, which is food, not relationships. (This seems harsh, but I swear every chapter involved a fight with her boyfriend about their approaches to food/cooking/eating and she seemed happiest when she was eating by herself.)

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