Monday, June 6, 2011

Whats in your Wallet/Purse?

Remember that commercial? Whats in your wallet? Well in an effort to carry around less stuff I'm doing one of those whats in your purse things like they do at the back of Marie Claires.
Now keep in mind, I'm nomadic. I split my time between my parents house, Tallman's apartment and the law school building. This means that at both residences I keep deodorant, sunscreen, underwear, contact solution, etc. And at law school I have deodorant and snacks (what? sometimes, in the summer, the deodorant needs to be reapplied).
But because of my nomadic ways I've started carrying a lot of stuff with me, which is annoying, inconvenient, hurts my back, and, with this increasingly warm weather, is sweaty. Also, because of said nomadic ways, I use pouches, so that little things don't get lost and can easily be transferred from a back pack to a purse and back again.
I took pictures of all the things I always carry with me. Then emptied the pouches and showed whats inside (after I cleaned out a significant amount of gum wrappers).
Call me crazy but I feel a little exposed sharing with the world what is in my purse. So don't judge, or judge but keep it to yourself.
This is what I keep with me all the time. Clockwise from top left: Clinique Makeup bag, Assorted Odds and Ends Bag, Wallet, Magic Wallet, Tissues, Keys. (Missing From Picture: iPhone, because I'm using it to take the picture... duh).
If I'm going out for dinner or some such, and going from home to home I'll just take the wallet, magic wallet (has my metro pass in it) and some lip gloss. But honestly I can't remember the last time I went from a home out and then back again. Usually I'm going from home to school to a different home. Or home to school to dinner back home. Or sometimes on weekends, a home to school to Allison to school to dinner to home. And yes, this is a lot of stuff to carry about, but I never know when I'll need the very important things in those bags.
What is in those bags you ask?
 In the makeup bag there is, predictably, makeup. And bandaids, neosporin, hair clips, a mirror tweezers, backup contacts, and break-out goo. (See why I felt like sharing this is kinda exposing?) Its not that I need these things all the time, or even frequently. But the makeup is stuff I don't have doubles of at each house, the first aid stuff is nice to have with you if you have the space, and the rest is nice to have if you are a nomad.
This bag is a little more random, but waaaaaay more necessary. The bag itself I got at an Afro-Caribbean fair last year and I love that its just cotton. In here I have anti bacterial lavender wipes, which are awesome btw, iPhone headphones, my iphone charger, gum, mints, advil, eyedrops, a thumb drive and my daily medicine. If I lost this bag I'd be up a creek with no paddle because of the medicine and the iphone charger. I love having the bag for this stuff because its not getting tangled in the bottom of a purse or in a bunch of tiny pockets in my back pack that I have to rummage through to find when I want to switch to my purse.

Tallman mocks me for carrying so much stuff with me, and I try to downsize or tell him how necessary things are. I suppose I could incorporate the magic wallet into my regular wallet or carry the makeup bag less frequently. Maybe...

Now that you've seen what I carry with me wherever I go, do you have any suggestions for downsizing? Or products you like to carry with you?

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