Monday, June 13, 2011

Momma needs a new pair of shoes!

Well I don't need a new pair of shoes, but last week I wore a pair of sandals that hurt one day and it had me looking at options.
Jcrew Espadrille Ballet Flats
JCrew Lillibeth Leather Sandals
Ked's Jute SlipOns
Sperry Slipons
Then another day last week I wore a pair of shoes that were cutting into my feet so hard core that I still have blisters after a 10 minute walk downtown. After 10 minutes of pain torture, I ducked into a shoe store and bought the first pair I put on, and then didn't want to take off.
Soludos Espadrilles
I think that not wanting to take off a pair of shoes is a good reason to get them. I bought these for $35, but they're selling on shop bob for $27, and they are super cute and comfy. I totally recommend the Soludos!
I do not recommend these from Jcrew though, normally I love Jcrew, but the straps are too thin and they cut into your feet almost immediately, because the bottom of the shoe is so heavy and flat with no give its kinda heavy so all that weight is on these really thin straps and it digs in like craaaazy. Also, because the bottoms are leather you have to scuff them A LOT before you don't slip and fall in public while wearing them. Just a warning. Don't Buy These. If you buy a sandal from Jcrew with this kind of hard, stiff, leather bottom, scuff them a lot before wearing them, and buy ones that hold on to your foot securely.

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