Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homegoods Rocks

No this isn't a post about rocks. This is a post about a trip I took to a TJMaxx with a very large home goods section and their incredible amount of glassware.
I took pictures. But I left the store with a pair of strappy wedge sandals and a movie so the trip was not for naught! (all pictures are my own)
 Check out this awesome tray. It was metal, but had an awesome embossed alligator skin pattern on it. I liked that it was metal because then you could use it outside or for drinks that sweat.
 I almost bought one of these books. They were beautifully made, and they were secret storage spaces. I love books, and I want a library in my home some day, and in that library you better believe there will be fake books!
 Tallman wanted me to bring him home a Puma. So I took a picture of this tiger. Can you see Sherry from Young House Love painting it white and adoring it? No? Me either, its pretty silly looking. So is the baby giraffe in the background.
 AHHHHH THE GLASSWARE! There is so much of it these pictures do not do it justice. There were cloche jars and tops for cake plates and three foot tall candy jars and little jars and round glass jars and skinny glass jars.
Do you see how crazy it is?! If you need glass jars get your butt over to TJ maxx because oh man do they have a lot right now. I liked looking at the jars and thinking of them full of Jelly Beans and Reeses Pieces. Yum.

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