Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hat boxes

I can never think of what to blog about on Thursdays. I've exhausted all my topics from the weekend, and I'm really looking forward to the weekend, so much so that I usually write Friday's post long before Friday :p
But that is why I have book marked links. I see things on the internet and on Thursdays I dig them out and share them with you. This Thursday I'm going to share a little website I found that sells hat boxes.
Do you LOVE hat boxes? Because I LOVE hat boxes. This site allows you to choose from all kinds of sizes and colors and shapes. Isn't their show room adorable and exciting?

All those boxes and in all those colors! The room itself isn't much to look at, but man do I want a hat box. The best part about these hat boxes is that they're made in the US out of non-toxic recycled materials. I like local, healthy products, I like them even better when they're awesome.
Sarah's Hat Boxes
And the store is apparently fairly nearby! oooooooh can you say August Road Trip? I can.
You may be asking yourself what on earth am I going to do with a hat box. Fair point. But Sarah's Hat Boxes has a part of their website that is just a list of what you can do with a hat box. The whole website is pretty low tech, and some of the items on the list are a little silly. But I think I'd use a hat box for: old letters, christmas ornaments, storing scarves with a lavender sachet, art supplies (like the crayons, markers, glue and hole punch that wander around and are never in the same spot), gloves and mittens (a great way to store winter stuff) and gifts (Tallman's family is totally getting their gifts in hat boxes this year!).  Some of my favorite suggestions on this list are "crowns/tiaras" because we all have those and they're just lying around too!, and canisters (canisters of what?)
Suede Horse Hatbox

If you love hat boxes you'll enjoy the site, it seems that they have hat boxes in all sizes and some that are just ridiculous--ly Awesome! Like this faux suede horse, or the suede leopard print, some have Norman Rockwell Designs on them. Oh man. I'm getting so excited by the Christmas gift possibilities!

Back to studying, but go check out Sarah's Hat Boxes! Such cute stuff!

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