Friday, June 10, 2011

Anthropologie Kitchenware Droooool

Lets get this out there: this is a fantasy post. All my kitchen supplies are in my parents basement with no hope of being seen for at least a year. But I saw one of these things in the Anthropologie store and loooooove it, another I saw on a blog and LOOOOOOVED it and the other I've been seeing everywhere and it makes me giggle. So I'm sharing with you. :) Ain't that nice of me?

Laguiole Steak Knives
I like these steak knives almost as much as I like steak (which is a lot, btw). They're colorful, apparently very sharp and the description says they have beeeeeeees on them. HA! Too bad they're expensive, way too expensive to justify buying and putting in my basement for a year. Right?
Rippled Coupe Glass
I love this glass, I go into Anthropologie and fondle it. Pretending I'm celebrating a major event, or just drinking champagne for the hell of it. I love champagne but my nose is the wrong size for flutes, its always awkwardly in the way. This glass is adorable and I wouldn't have to worry about my nose!
Bubbled Beverage Dispenser
I've been seeing photos of this everywhere! It is super hilarious looking. It makes me want to make lemonade, or have a party, or have Knowledge make sangria in it. It amuses the hell out of me. I showed it to Tallman expecting a reaction of some kind, given that it makes me giggle, and his response was something like "why would you want that much lemonade?". Useless! Oh well. at $300 its not going to be mine any time soon. So I can continue to giggle at it from a distance.

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