Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oink, Oink, Oink

Money has been on my mind lately: loans, gifts, saving, spending, credit card bills, budgets, etc. Long and the short of it is that this week I've received some incredibly kind gifts from my family which has decreased my debt significantly, but I am incredibly poor. In fact one of the conditions of the biggest gift was that I cut back on my spending. A fair request, considering I have no income.

So I'm canceling netflix, my gym membership, getting shorter massages (I have back problems that require either drugs or massages, I choose massage), and taking a good hard look at what I spend money on.

Chalk it to me piggy
I saw in this month's Real Simple (some thing else I'll have to cut back on) this adorable chalk piggy bank. At first I considered it for a gift for my dad (he collects piggy banks, sort of). Then, after seeing the $85 price tag I decided that I can probably make him one cheaply with thrift store piggy bank and some chalk paint.

I like the idea of being able to write on the piggy bank what you're saving for.
Currently my piggy bank is at Tallman's house, where I put all my change, and all his change. Maybe at the end of the summer I'll see how much change is in there and we can go out to dinner or something. (I've found that my piggy bank half full of change is about $40.)

What do you do to save? Piggy Bank? Under the mattress fund? IRA?

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