Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello! Howdy! Bonjour! Hi!

So, yes, I disappeared for a few days. I was considering apologizing for it, but then I realized that I didn't need to and that I really needed a computer break.

What have I been doing this week?

I went on a day trip to my alma mater, went for a walk, rescued Tallman's sunglasses, and saw some horses.

I baked a pie. This is it pre-baked, I didn't wait to take a picture before cutting into it so there is no after, I am not sorry.
Essie Ballet Slippers

Painted my nails.
Glass in a Boat, Dale Chihuly

Went to an art museum and laughed at captions that were obvious and not at all pretentious.

Watched a fair amount of Veronica Mars.

Read about six books (book reviews coming).
Tried to clean my room, but gave up after realizing that I have more stuff in my tiny room than can reasonably be organized, but now at least my shoes aren't falling out of my closet.
Copied recipes from magazines onto index cards.
Made dinner.
Went to the gym.
Cuddled with kittens.
Steamed wrinkles out of my graduation attire.
Tried to take naps in weird places (public library, friend's house).
Opened boxes of bar prep materials which led to a room wide search for recyclables, which led to destroying a kitty play house, but also led to finding a lot of cardboard in my room taking up space, so I guess I cleaned my room a little.

Aaaaaand generally did nothing. It has been a glorious week. This weekend I graduate from law school, a fact that hasn't quite hit me yet, especially since our grades just got published today, and one particularly hard exam had me a little worried, but I more than passed, so Sunday I'll be walking the stage in a sick outfit trying not to trip and fall and thinking about brunch.

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