Friday, May 20, 2011

Closet Classic Check List

I found this checklist on pinterest, courtesy of Matchbook (an online magazine which I really enjoy, btw). I really like it, especially since I'm all about having timeless high quality basics in your closet that you can build many outfits around. So I thought I'd share with you what I've got and what I'm missing.

Purple Check for things I have.
Green Check for sub-optimal and/or cheap versions I have while looking for the perfect option.
Here's a version with out my check marks :p

*Loafers: I'm counting boat shoes as loafers.
*Black Bikini: I have a navy bikini with two bottoms and two different tops, I'm counting it.
*Striped Pajamas: in silk and cotton, for whatever mood I'm in. (Would it be over-sharing to tell you that sometimes I put on my silk striped pajamas, pour a glass of port and watch glee? Oddly classy? Maybe, but definitely awesome.)

Some of the things on the list just aren't for me, shirt dresses are something this wide hipped lady cannot pull off. In other places this list shows where there are holes in my classics wardrobe.

Of course, I think there are some classics that this list has missed. Of the classics in my wardrobe not mentioned here I'd like to give shout outs to:
Jackie Cardigan
The cotton cardigan.
The skirt suit (yeah, I said I didn't have a navy blazer, but I do have purple, black, gray and navy pinstripe blazers, and those are just my wool blazers/suitcoats).
LLbean Slippers
A Sweater Dress.

Where are the holes in your closet? Is a closet of classics something you're working toward?

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