Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Does anyone remember Delias being this awesome?

I found a gorgeous dress on Pintrest the other day and it turned out it was from Delias. Yes dELiAs, that place you wanted to shop as a teenager/pre-teen and your mom wouldn't let you (well, my mom wouldn't). Well from the dress on Pintrest I ended up wasting time on the dELiAs site and I was astonished at how adorable the things there are!
Isobel Lace Dress

The Isobel Lace dress is $40, and comes in purple, black, white, pink and blue. Its ADORABLE! I want it in white and purple. Can you imagine this with a sweater and pumps? or just with flip flops!
And did I mention its $40? Too cute!

Lace Shirt Dress
This Lace Shirtdress is pretty darn adorable too. I'm not sure I could rock it. But its demure and sweet, and click the link to see the lacey back. Amazing! Oh and did I mention its only $40?
Crochet-Back Blouse

Also, I looked at the shirts/blouses and found this amazing crochet-back blouse. You can see the detailing on the back, its super duper pretty.

I was surprised by the number of cute things at dELiAs that I would not feel really bizarre and age-inappropriate wearing.

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