Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travel Journals

Recycled Leather Bound Journals
I don't know about you, but I like to keep a journal when I travel. Its nice to have something you can write in before the trip, like addresses and directions and important phone numbers. But even nicer is writing while you're traveling. Frequently my trips are so jam packed with experiences that they can blend together if I'm not careful and my memories of a trip can become confused (did we really drive from Galway to Doolin in a day, or was it two days, or was it three and when did we do that?).
Also, I like going back and reading my journals of a trip. They're not usually the silly sort of journal-ing that I did when I was a teenager ("Dear Diary, today sucks, everyone sucks, and I ate a cake, and it sucked"). Instead its more of a log of what happened and my initial impressions of things, the weather that day and how I was feeling in the moment.

I think that these journals, pictured above from Kate's Paperie would be perfect for it. Thin enough so its not too bulky to carry or store, and the leather covers seem very durable. Also, gorgeous! If you got them all in one color or a variety of colors, or perhaps colors for different seasons (all winter trips blue, summer red, fall orange, spring green). Wouldn't they look lovely on a shelf, logging the memories of the trips you've taken, either to be referenced for future trips, to assist you when you write your memoirs, or just to read one afternoon and relive a wonderful trip you took. Whatever you use these books for I'm sure it would be beautiful, because the books are gorgeous!

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