Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bar Application Update

pic courtesy of E-How
I'm almost done! What? Yes. Today I sat down and instead of getting bogged down in semantics I assumed some dates (the month and years are right and the date is generally around when I started/stopped a job, but really? I have no way of knowing whether a job started on May 15th or 17th in 2005), and used some creative Google Mapping to determine the locations of places I worked. (Yelp helped me out with a video store that no longer exists, and Google Maps Street view helped me find a legal place I worked that I know has changed locations since I worked there.)

Now all I need is the address of a court I worked for, my sponsoring attorney's signature and her recommendation. AND THEN I CAN SUBMIT IT!
Shocking to think that just a few days ago I was panicking about filing this blasted form out. Luckily some of that panic has been removed by my practicality ("I'm guessing on the date, but its not lying so I won't get in trouble", "being written up for a noise complaint isn't a reprimand from a college, and there is no record of it so its like it never happened, so I won't get in trouble for omitting it"). Some of my panic has been removed by my recommenders being really on top of their games and getting my recommendations back to me quickly (and one was super sweet, saying something like "while I don't know H on a personal level, based on all our interactions I am convinced she is a moral and upstanding individual and unreservedly recommend her to the bar", it doesn't seem like much but I thought it was very nice).
Also, sitting down and deciding to finish it didn't hurt. Now its 99% done with a very little luck I'll be able to hand it in by Monday!

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