Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Springtime = Lilacs

I love lilacs, I love the big bushes bowing with heavy purple flowers, I love the fragrance, I love the white ones too even though everyone knows they aren't as good.

Lilacs mean spring to me, and while they haven't started blooming here I'm ready for them. There used to be a HUGE row of lilacs at my bus stop in jr. high and high school and before the bus came my friends and I would just smell them. yum. (Though the people who moved in since high school trimmed back the massive hedge, they're still there.)

I am especially excited for them after smelling the new (to me at least) scent from Pacifica Perfumes. French Lilac smells like sticking my face in a hedge of lilac, and it is amazing.

I recommend sniffing the candle/perfume/lotion next time you see them. I am allergic to perfume, and the scent might be too much for a body wash, but if I burned the candle for just two minutes I'm sure I'd be transported into the lilac hedge of my youth and it would be delightful. 

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