Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Remember yesterday when I was talking about searching for a "really powerful..." fill in the blank, well I was trying to remember the name of my parents blender which is basically the most powerful blender since the top gear guys hooked a blender up to a car motor.
Its called a Vita-Mix and I'm pretty sure my mom bought it for healthy reasons, just like they advertise. All I know is (he's called the Stig, no.. wait..) its a really awesome blender. You put stuff in, you blend, you pour, you rinse you drink it. And you can put in a lot of hard stuff and it just chops it all up and makes it delicious. None of this ohhh I have to wait for the strawberries to defrost before putting them in my smoothie. Also, I don't use recipes and it works pretty ok for me.

This morning's smoothie was spinach, orange, apple, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, a dash of yogurt and some water (just to help it be drinkable and not sludge). Oh MAN was it refreshing and delicious. Yes it was green, because of the spinach, but it was a light springy green (thank you peaches and orange) and even though there was about a cup of spinach in there to two -three cups fruit you couldn't taste the vegetable-ness of the spinach.

I really recommend this way of getting vegetables if you don't love eating them usually, because its delicious and they're hidden. Also, its a way better breakfast than a cup of coffee and a donut/muffin/cake.

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