Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Wallet

My current wallet is leather and about 3 years old. It is the result of an epic search my senior year of college. Its brown leather with a beautifully rich patina of age, in fact it looks a bit older than it actually is because of the abuse it has gotten in various purses.

The problem is that it keeps falling apart, and its not very chic. (I've had to super glue the bill fold closed more than once).

A few weeks ago I took it out in an interview to access some information and was deeply embarrassed at its grungy state.

So I want a new wallet. A wallet that says "Good Taste" "Classic" "Classy" and "I've got money to spend", even though I really don't.

Kate Spade has the most affordable version of what I want, and even then her wallets can be pretty expensive.

I like the idea of the zip around so that its nearly impossible to lose things, and if you need to you can carry it as a clutch with out looking too ridiculous.


Hmmm why can't I add photo links. Well that makes this post much lamer. Darn.


  1. Hello H,

    Not sure if you found a wallet yet or not, but my suggestion would be Nordstroms. They have lovely leather wallets in various styles for under $100. I bought a Lodis Checkbook Plus and love it. Lots of space, looks great as a clutch and didn't hurt my bank account.

  2. Thanks for the post!

    Also, on your suggestion I looked at Nordstroms and found this super cute Tory Burch zip around.

    Also saw the Lodis Checkbook Plus and it looks very cute!