Thursday, March 3, 2011

I slept in my bed!

Until you've slept on a couch in your parents foyer, you don't get to put an exclamation point after "I slept in a bed". But I have, so it was very exciting not to.

It was also exciting for the cats. Now they have their bed back.

As you can see from this picture my bed is set up, made, has two comforters on it and an excessive amount of pillows for someone who rarely uses even one. Also, I hung pictures. I think I'm over these pictures though, I've had most of them since college and they are a little unpolished, and more reminicent of then and not now. So they'll likely stay on the walls at my parents house even after I move out.
Except for the map of London. I'll have to re-frame it, and I'll put it in my future map room. More on that in another post.
And the green mirror. I like that because I got it with Knowledge, and I like the idea of it in a front entry way or in a kitchen in between a chalk board and a magnetic board.

 The bed from another angle, where you can really see how comfortable the cats are, and how excessive the pillowing is.

And yes, I did knit the blanket at the foot of the bed. Its hideous and the only reason I kept it after knitting it was that Sage sometimes likes to attack it and I find it hilarious.

I might want to paint my room if I'm going to be there any great length of time, I'm pretty sure I painted it this color in 2000. I was thinking it might look nice a really light lavender, almost white in direct sunlight but in dark corners it would glow purple. (I used to have a color like this my apartment but with blue.)

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