Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!

I hope you are wearing GREEN, else you'll get a St. Patty's Day pinch!

As you know I went to Ireland last summer, and we heard some amazing music while we were there, here is a song that always gets me in the St. Patrick's day mood, and some pictures of the beautiful emerald isle.
    or for a less Irish/American/tourist song, ie something slightly more traditional
  This one is from a music festival in Milltown Malbay that takes place every year, in the morning there are classes and in the afternoon people go to bars in the town and play together. So awesome.

Just a selection of pretty pictures, of green green Ireland. This is not a joke. Its very very green there, if you get a chance, go there.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you aren't Irish, today is the day to pretend!

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