Wednesday, March 16, 2011

British Jewelers: Astley Clark

The other day, while reading a website dedicated to British celebrity gossip, I happened upon some cute British jewelry sites and I thought I'd share one of them with you.

 I must be honest, I am a bit of an anglophile. I love England, Britain and the UK is cool too but I think they probably shouldn't have hung on to Northern Ireland. (A nation once again!) (Though while finding that link I found a bunch of Nazi propaganda, which is weird, also I hate Nazis. Hate. I've gotten really off topic though...)

Here we go, back on topic: Astley Clarke!
Here are a few of the GORGEOUS pieces I found.
Squirrel: I might buy this for my mom if it was something she'd wear and wasn't $1000, because we call her a squirrel because of her tendency to bury acorns all over the place. (This is a metaphor for an actual habit of hers.)

Earrings:  Adorable. That is all.

Cherry Necklace: I think this is sweet and pretty, and with a 16inch chain it would nestle sweetly against my skin.

Bracelet: Its pretty and red and gold, it makes me smile.

These are things I'd be more likely to wear:
Purple Ring: If I was to buy myself a bling-y right hand ring, it would be something like this. I like smaller rings, so for me this would feel big.

Heart Earrings: I love these! I want these!

Love Ring: So sweet, so small, I can think of this as a great gift from a significant other, or a gift to yourself.

SPARKLES: Fish and women are attracted to shiny things. I wouldn't want this for my engagement ring, but I think its stunning.

The problem with these items that the cheapest is still over 100£. But they do deliver to the US...

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