Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dad came home!

Dad came home last night, his flight was supposed to get in at 9pm, it didn't get in until 10:30pm, and guess who got to pick him up. Me.

I don't mind picking people up at the airport, and mom couldn't start her car so it was fine. Besides I had class in the city until 9pm anyway.  Tonight I am looking forward to going to bed before 10pm though.

Its nice to have Dad home. Mom likes it, he brought things in from the car, he helped me put together my bed (this morning, so last night I slept on the couch again), moved a couch from the living room (now its a 3 couch room, not a 4 couch room), moved a dresser from my room so now there is room to turn around in my tiny bedroom, went to the dump, and he also got mom's car to turn on this morning.

Hiphiphooray for dad.

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