Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wild Game Night

No, I'm not talking about Scrabble! I'm talking about quail, boar, rabbit and venison. Four years ago I went to my first wild game night at Sel De La Terre, and my eyes were opened. Now I eat venison whenever I can (its plentiful, its a pest, it doesn't pollute, and its delicious!).

My parents, Tallman and I are going again tonight. I am so excited. If you want to have a game night of your own many specialty butchers carry these meats, and so does Whole Foods. Throw on a plaid shirt and invite a couple adventurous friends over!

Recipe for Venison with Mushroom Sauce
Venison is delicious in a sausage mixed with pork or beef, but on its own it is delicious as a steak. Just make sure you do not over cook it! That will cause it to taste like liver which I don't find particularly appetizing.

I've never had it as a shepherds pie, but I imagine it is amazing!
Wild Boar Tacos
Wild Boar is just like pig, but a darker meat. Remember that ad campaign, pork the other white meat? Well Boar is not white meat! Its so good though. Especially in recipes that require slow cooking. People on the internet seem to be raving about boar ragu... yum.
Grilled Rabbit
Rabbit is a bit like duck or chicken, you can do almost anything with it, but tastes best done simply. Grilled, roasted, sauteed up with some rosemary and cherries. mmmmm

I'm hungry. What about you?

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