Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tallman Boots

Tallman USED to have two pairs of boots, one pair was low and brown and good for rainy days, and the other was tall and huge and good for two feet of snow.
Last winter, the mellowest, least snowiest, warmest winter I can recall-- Both pairs of boots broke beyond repair. The smaller pair had the sole disintegrate and come apart, and the larger pair the tongue ripped out.

Tallman, as you may predict from his nickname, has some very large feet, so finding shoes for him involves special ordering.

I checked Timberland's website (I figure good solid workboots are what he needs) but everything in his size was just silly looking.

So I checked L.L. Bean (I like local, I like Made in America and I have L.L. Bean boots that keep my feet warm and dry).
LLBean Iron Works Boots
We went with these fellows. Leather, rugged soled, sold in Tallman's size, and waterproof. And honestly, I just feel better about leather than man made waterproof materials. Oiled leather has been keeping people dry for centuries.

Do you have to clothe an absentminded giant? What brands do you trust?

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