Saturday, September 29, 2012

North Carolina Vacation By the Numbers

10: Purple Painted Toes that endeared me to Tallman's nephew... purple may be for girls according to the rigidly enforced gender stereotypes of the south.... but Little Luke likes purple, so my toes made me a new friend

9: Pecan bars I ate. (I brought pecan bars as a hostess gift and ended up eating a whole bunch myself!)

8: Number of times Tallman swore loudly he would never fly US airways again after a nearly disastrous, definitely uncomfortable, very long and sweaty trip back from NC on Monday

7: People in one house for the weekend, Talman and I, his sister and brother in law and baby, and Tallman's parents. Surprisingly not overly crowded, and great to see his sister her husband after not seeing them for a year.

6: Walks taken on the beach (two Friday, two Saturday, two Sunday, and Two Monday)

5: Number of times Tallman complained that I tan quickly (he just burns) even with sunscreen on.

4: Books I read over the weekend: The Pigeon Pie Mystery, Twilight, The Beekeepers Apprentice, and Seating Arrangements (is that one book a day, oh silly me!)

3: Number of times I went into the ocean, like all the way, dunked my head under and frolicked in the waves. I love playing in the water! I'm so glad the weather was nice enough for us to go in!

2: Pictures posted to instagram of beach scenes, obviously trying to make friends at home jealous :p

1: Day where I saw the sun rise and set over the ocean, it was a beautiful day :) and a wonderful vacation

On Monday we'll return to our regularly scheduled program and fall funtimes!

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